Saturday, October 21, 2006

mai no sóblidi, la guerra continua

It didn't take long on our holiday for us to get back into activisim. We met friends Jeremy and Neus, where we stayed in their apartment and on our first day there,
we took part in an Anti-Iraq war protest in Barcelona. The theme - mai no s'oblidi, la guerra continua - "Never forget, the war continues". Thousands turned out and I have to say the only difference between this rally and others I have attended was the speeches were shorter (something unionswa should take heed from). The participants looked the same - communists, unionists, trots and families.

While marching, I had this feeling in the pit of my stomach that kept coming up. This was my country's war and we are all responsible. There's talk now of the US and UK (and therefore, I assume Australia) planning an exit strategy while the war is being likened to Vietnam with its impending civil war. I can't believe John Howard took us into war, and I can't believe we let it happen.

Peace on earth

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